Syndeseas is a Cypriot innovative startup, formed by a Team of young Maritime Professionals (Naval Architects, Mechanical / Environmental Engineers, Maritime Economists) and IT Experts.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to utilize information and communications technology towards engineering innovative and effective solutions, serving the maritime industry and the global shared vision for greener seas.

The Global Challenge

  • Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are causing Climate Change, and tackling it, has become a global priority
  • 90% of world’s trade is carried by sea
  • Shipping is responsible for 2.5% of global GHG emissions, emitting 1000 million tonnes of CO2 annually
  • Shipping CO2 emissions are predicted to increase between 50%-250% by 2050
  • -> Unless we act efficiently, fast!

The Problem

Facilitating and Enhancing the Shipping Sector’s Contribution, towards tackling Climate Change

Our Solution

SyndeSeas Integrated Solution

-> An integrated software for ships fuel consumption and Green House Gas Emissions Monitoring, Reporting & Verification, serving all regulatory requirements and all involved parties needs at the same time, making compliance easy for all

What we do

Our services can be offered through use of:

  • The mrv_log, is a simplified tool for supporting companies in correctly collecting and reporting data for compliance with both EU MRV & IMO DCS regulations

  • The Syndeseas Integrated Solution, through where dedicated auditors on the basis of ship reported data (through either per voyage data or daily reports) perform pre-verification, continuous auditing of fuel consumption, subsequent CO2 emissions and preparing through the system pre-verified annual reports for both EU MRV and IMO DCS

Technical Consultancy

  • Fuel Consumption Data Collection

    -> Including SEEMP Part II Development

  • Shipping CO2 Emissions Monitoring, Reporting & Verification

    -> Including EU MRV Monitoring Plan Development

  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management (vessel & fleet performance insights)

    -> Including SEEMP Part I Development

  • Software Development of tailor made company-specific vessel monitoring and energy efficiency management tools


  • Training on fuel consumption and subsequent CO2 emissions monitoring, reporting and verification (EU MRV & IMO DCS regulations)

  • Training on energy efficient operation of ships

  • Tailor made Continuous Professional Development (CPD) maritime training courses

Research & Development

  • Research on enhanced vessel and fleet performance and energy efficiency, within our area of expertise

  • Research on GHG emissions impact from ships, calling to / departing from any defined port, country, region or even worldwide
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